Regulatory Services

The Health sector in Botswana is regulated by the Public Health Act. Both the public and private sectors, professionals are accredited by professional councils in accordance with the Medical, Dental and Pharmacy Act and the Nurses and Midwives In addition to professional accreditation, the Ministry of Health is also responsible for the registration of private facilities through recognised standards. Medicine regulation and control is mostly based on the provisions of the Drugs and Related Substance Act.

Drug Regulation Services
Regulates approves and and registers drugs and medicines to ensure that medicines used in Botswana meet set standards of safety, efficacy and quality. Authorize the import of medicines for use in clinical trials.

Licencing of Private Practice
The Ministry of Health is responsible for licencing and and regulating private health facilities and practitioners. The ministry is mandated to enforce licensing standards to ensures that the health services provided to the community by the private health sector are safe, appropriate and effective.
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Health Inspectorate
Promotes and drives programs aimed at improving the quality and safety of health care in Botswana through inspections and regulatory mechanisms to ensure conformity by health facilities, institutions and personnel.

Food Control
The ministry sets standards for food processing, manufacturing and promotion as well as investigating, assesses risks and inspecting all food items that are made available to the public and monitoring compliance with set standards. The ministry issues appropriate alerts and public advice.

Botswana Health Professional Council
Registration of health professionals. Sets and monitors standards for the training of health professionals. Monitors compliance to set standards ethical behavior and practice.
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Nursing & midwifery
The Botswana Nursing Council sets professional standards for the training, practice as well as registering registration of nurses and midwifery professionals.

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