Health Services - Hospitals

Our hospitals offer a wide range of health services. Hospitals are referral points in the health care delivery system. They provide patient treatment, inpatient care,specialist services and support to clinics in the district. Hospitals provide clinical services to a large number of clients and are usually staffed with qualified personnel. MOH operates three types of Hospitals which are distinguished by the types and level of services they provide. The services offered at these facilities include;

Primary and District Hospitals
Primary Hospitals are general hospitals that are equipped with dealing with most diseases, injuries & immediate threats to health. District Hospitals are major district health facility equipped with a larger number of beds capability to deal with intensive and long term care. These services include;

Outpatient Services and Pediatrics Care
Emergency & Urgent Care, Surgery & Intensive care
Pharmacy and Laboratory Services
X-Ray and Diagnosis, Dental Care Services
Eye Care Services, Orthopedic Services

Referral Hospitals
These are specialised hospitals and health facilities equipped to deal with specialised diseases, medical needs and care. some of these services include:
Psychiatric Care
Rehabilitation Services
Oncology & Cancer Services
Audiology Services
Obstetrics & Gynecology

Hours of Operation and Fees
Hospitals operate weekdays from 7.30 am to 4.30pm with Doctors available on call for emergencies after hours, weekends and holidays. Hospitals operate 24 hours. Fees: General consultation for locals is 5 Pula. Children under five years of age and elders above 65 years do not pay consultation fees.

Hospitals Tollfree Numbers
Patient's Charter (Setswana)
Patient's Charter (English)