Department of Corporate Services

The Department of Corporate Services provides and coordinates a full range of administrative resources and support services to all departments of the ministry, to enable the Ministry to effectively and efficiently deliver its mandate.

Human Resource Management
Coordinate & Manage MOH human resources at corporate, DHMT and facility levels. Develop HRM Strategies and plans. Develop HRM information systems. Manage health HR and training.

Administration & Office Operations
Manage and oversee general administration, services. Coordinate transport, logistics support services and office operations. Manage facilities and capital resources.

Coordinate, monitor and evaluate Ministry performance. Produce performance audits and reports. Monitor Health sector reforms.

Finance & Accounts
Manage financial resources. Develop and manage budgets and plans. Mange Accounts. Internal audits. Oversee payment of accounts. Provide accounting services.

Information Technology
Develop and manage MOH information systems. Integrate health information systems. Data management. Oversee implementation of ITC systems and applications.

Legal Services
Coordinate and manage MOH legal issues and services. Prepare contracts and agreements including service agreements, partnerships and legal transactions.

Procurement and Contracting Services
Procurement and contracting. Manage contracts and tendering processes. assets management and inventory control. Manage disposal of redundant assets. Supplies Services.

Public Relations
Manage MOH corporate identity and reputation. Promote and present a positive image of MOH. Media monitoring and relations. Organise MOH publicity and PR activities. Serve as focal point/spokesperson of Ministry to media and external publics.

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