Health Services - Clinics

Clinics provide health services within the reach of communities. Clinics offer mainly primary health care and outpatient services including general consultations, treatment of injuries and minor illnesses with serious cases referred to hospitals. Some clinics have access to diagnostic services. Clinics operate mobile stop services within their catchment areas. Mobile stops and Health post offer limited services with larger clinics and clinics with maternity wards offering most of the outlined services.

Primary Health Care Services
Immunizations & Child Care Services
Sexual Reproductive Services
HIV & AIDS Services
Mental Health & Rehabilitation
Health Education and advice

Medical Services
Minor curative treatment & care services
Laboratory & Diagnostic Services
Pharmacy Services
Dental Services

Types of Clinics - Staffing and Facilities
Mobile Stops: No permanent structure. Visited by nurse Health Education Assistant and lay counselor.
Health Post: No beds staffed by nurse with visits by midwife, mental health nurse, eye nurse and doctor.
Clinics: Staffed by Doctor, nurse, midwife, pharmacy & lab and radiology technicians.
Clinic with Maternity: Staffed as clinic including midwife and catchment area doctor. For Emergencies call 997.

Hours of Operation: Clinics operate weekdays from 7.30am to 4.30pm with a nurse on call available after hours, weekends and holidays. Some clinics operate 24 hours.

Fees: General consultation for locals is 5 Pula. Children under five years of age and elders above 65 years do not pay consultation fees.

24 Hour Clinics
Patient's Charter (Setswana)
Patient's Charter (English)