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Novel Virus Alert
The public is notified of Novel Coronavirus outbreak since December 2019 in China and spreading to other countries. The Ministry of Health and Wellness will continue to monitor the situation at all levels and will keep on updating the public. The virus presents with flu like symptoms (cough, fatigue, headache, high fever and difficulty with breathing). The virus is spread through aerosol droplets when coughing and or sneezing and contact with contaminated surfaces.

• Always wash hands with soap and clean water or hand sanitizer where possible.
• Cover the nose and mouth when sneezing with a flexed elbow or tissue.
Throw away the tissue safely and immediately wash hands with clean water
and soap.
• Avoid direct contact with anyone with cold or flu like symptoms.
• If you are from affected countries and you have symptoms, seek medical help
and share travel history with the health care provider.

For further information on Novel Coronavirus please visit the nearest health facility or call the Ministry of Health Toll free number 08100 600 740 or call center 3632273/ 2756/ 2757

Poster for travelers (English)
Poster for travelers (Setswana)
Prevent Coronavirus (English)
Thibela Mogare wa Corona (Setswana)
Brochure (Setswana)

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