Vision and Mission

Model of excellence in quality health services.

The Ministry of Health exists to promote and provide comprehensive preventative, curative and rehabilitative quality health care services to the nation.

CUSTOMER FOCUS - Consistently meeting customer's expectations.
My purpose is to always see my client happy.

BOTHO - Providing services with respect, kindness and in a friendly manner.
I shall serve all my clients with respect, kindness and in a friendly manner.

TIMELINESS - Always delivering services on time.
My client shall always receive services on time.

EQUITY - Equal service delivery to all, regardless of religion, social status and geographical location.
All my clients are important, I shall serve them equally regardless of their religion, geographical location, race or social status.

TEAMWORK - Working together for a common goal, appreciating weaknesses and strengths of others, through shared efforts.
We are in this journey together, I equally share your success and failures.

ACCOUNTABILITY - Responsible, liable and answerable for ones actions and decisions.
I shall be responsible and liable for my actions at all times when serving customers and utilizing resources.

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