Our Health Care System

The Organization and Management of the Health Sector
Health service delivery in the country is pluralistic. There are public, private for profit, private non-profit and traditional medicine practice. Within public sector, the Ministry of Health (MOH) is responsible for the provision of health services.

The Ministry of Health
The Ministry of health is mandated with oversight and delivery of health services for Batswana. It is responsible for the formulation of policies, regulations, norms standards and guidelines of health services. The ministry is also a major provider of health services through a wide range of health facilities and management structures. MOH provides primary health care services through District Health Management Teams (DHMTs). DHMTs are responsible for running a network of health facilities, hospitals, clinics, health posts and mobile stops as well as community based preventative and promotive services.

The Ministry of Local Government (MLG)
The Ministry of Local Government provides some public health services including providing environmental health services.

Other Service Providers and Facilities
In the formal sector, health services are also provided through private hospitals, private health practitioners and mine hospitals, NGOs and missions facilities. The Botswana Defence Force (BDF), Police and Prisons Services also provide to special groups.

Traditional Health care Providers
Although traditional medicine is widely used, the country is yet to formulate a regulatory framework for regulating traditional health practice. However, the Ministry of Health cooperates and consults traditional and faith based practitioners and other stakeholders on health issues. Read More...

National Health Policy 2011
Public Health Act

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