Our Identity

The Ministry of Health logo is the cornerstone of our Identity. The logo conveys the Ministry as a professional body with attitudes of order, cleanness and a clinical feel. It portrays a compelling image of’s vision and mission, denoting a strong sense of credibility, professionalism and experience.

Elements of the logo
The Caduceus symbol attached to it is synonymous with institutions upholding best international health practices and it is employed here to reiterate reiterate the ministry’s endeavors in meeting global health standards.

The Rays radiating out of the Botswana map symbolise not only hope but promises of better health care services to the people of Botswana in line with the mandate of the Ministry.

The Waves at the bottom carry the form of our national flag, and they signify the dynamics of the health sector and bestow a rather energetic and vibrant feel.

Download logo booklet

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