Hon.Dr. Alfred Madigele
Profile of Mr. Dikgang Philip Makgalemele
Assistant Minister of Health & Wellness

The Honourable Dikgang Philip Makgalemele was appointed Assistant Minister for Health and Wellness on 1st October 2016. Hon. Makgalemele is the area Member of Parliament for Shoshong constituency.

Mr Makgalemele holds a Masters degree in Poverty Reduction and Development Management from Birmingham University, A Diploma in Accountancy and Business Studies from the Botswana Institute of Administration and Commerce and a Certificate in Accountancy and Management of Cooperatives from Moshi Cooperative College in Tanzania.

Prior to joining politics, Hon. Makgalemele led an extensive career serving in different organizations including Factorzone Botswana, AVIS Rent-A-Car, Cooperative Insurance Brokers, Hyundai Motor Distributors, Medical Rescue International Botswana (MRIB), and the Botswana National Youth Council, which he served as the Executive Director. He is the co-founder of the Botswana Council of NGOs, Junior Chamber International Botswana and Youth Health Organisation.


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