Health Alerts

Counterfeit Food Products Alert

This notice is to inform the public of a growing trend of counterfeit products marketed as food supplements with hidden harmful drugs and chemicals. These products are promoted for weight loss etc. Our investigation has revealed that there are some coffee and tea brands marketed as weight loss food products with undeclared ingredients, sold in the country particularly in some grocery shops, general merchandise shops, pharmacies and even in hair salons. One such weight loss coffee brand is - Jiaoyi Happy Welight loss coffee made in China that has been found to contain Sibrutramine. Sibrutramine is a banned slimming drug that has been associated with increased cardiovascular events and strokes. Consumers should exercise caution before purchasing or consuming any product in these categories. They should stop using Jiaoyi Happy Welight loss coffee immediately and report anyone selling it to the nearest local authority or police station. For more information please contact the Public Health Department, Ministry of Health at tel: 363 2069 or call the Toll Free number 0800 600 740.

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