A model of excellence in quality health services
Aims to improve the physical, mental, and social well being
of every Motswana to fully contribute to the development of Botswana through a healthy nation.

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MoH and PPADB Signs Agreement

MoH Scoops First Position at Consumer Fair
Ministry of Health recently took part at the just ended renowned Botswana Consumer Fair. Mental Health and Rehabilitation Program exhibited and disseminated information to the public. This year’s theme was lead by discovering self which encompassed the fair’s theme shop. discover. explore.
Minister briefs press

MoH Launches Accelerated SMC Campaign
On Monday 10th August, Maun Stadium was thronged by masses from the community to bear witness as the Minister of Health who is also a Member of Parliament for Sefhare Ramokgonami Constituency launched the Accelerated Safe Male Circumcision Campaign themed Rola Kepese, Circumcise Now.
Telemedicine Truck

There is Need to Revive Breastfeeding in Botswana
Breastfeeding gives children the best start in life. It is the best source of nutrition and growth for children and reduces maternal illnesses. According to World Health Organization exclusive breastfeeding greatly reduces children’s exposure to unsafe food or water and saves an estimated six million lives globally every year.