A model of excellence in quality health services
Aims to improve the physical, mental, and social well being
of every Motswana to fully contribute to the development of Botswana through a healthy nation.

MoH Staff Bids Minister Seakgosing Farewell
The outgoing Minister of Health Honourable Rev.Dr. John Seakgosing said his final goodbye’s to MoH staff as he will be leaving office on 23rd October 2014. In his message to staff the Minister recognized all staff members and thanked them for working hard and on being an easy team to work with.

Know Your Breasts
Breast cancer is the third most common cancer in women in Botswana. It is rare in men but does occur. It is second to cervical cancer as the cause of cancer related deaths in Botswana. Breast cancer is curable, when diagnosed early. The month of October is Breast Cancer awareness month.

First Medical Doctors Graduate
After years of learning in a noisy warehouse at the bus rank the students studying at UB’s Faculty of Medicine (FoM) are now qualified doctors. This is a huge milestone for Botswana because it is the first ever group of Doctors to be produced locally.